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Originally Posted by jm1234 View Post
The second fact was that there are "huge losses in the transfer process that people are not aware of. More than 90%"
I would appreciate it if you were not to misquote me. You cut off the second sentence. The full sentence/quote from my previous post would read:

"(there are huge losses in the transfer process that people are not aware of. More than 90% I think if you analyze what it takes to produce what you get out of a plug in your home)"

There is nothing anoctodal about the above sentence. A friend of mine does consulting on sustanibility issues. Sustanable design is core expertise. He used a slide in a presentation that illustrates the <10% overall efficiency. (I will ask for a copy of that image and post it here together with the source). The >90% is the figure I remember for the overall inefficiency in the entire process, not just the losses associated with the tranmission process.

Also, environmental impact metrics and measurement systems have been invented. You can do a complete life cycle analysis on any product. There is an entire industy built around that premise.

I am not saying my M3 pollutes less than a fully electric car or anything. I was responding to the mindset of the person in the video clip, who seems to think that the electricity out of a plug comes at no pollution cost.