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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
its not fair for any energy project unless you look at the process from cradle to grave. so for electric cars that means from mining to electrical production to disposal of the toxic batteries and for Nuclear energy you must include the mining of the ore and processing of waste from that process.
Why should this become a theoretical discussion of undefined issues? Somebody would have to invent a cradle to grave pollution factor before we could calculate such a number for any car. Arbitrarily we could say the electric car has a pollution factor of 100, helpful? We need something to compare the electric car's factor to. Sure, the electric car and the process of creating energy for the electric car and the process of disposing of the used parts of the electric car generates some pollution. Nobody here said it did not. I'd be willing to put money on the electric powered car having a lower pollution factor than the cars it raced against. Of course, I'd bet even more money that we would end up arguing about what type of pollution is the most important and how to measure the various types of pollution, where to draw the boundary around our respective pollution economies, etc...

The first fact was that "batteries are a huge source of waste and pollution"
The second fact was that there are "huge losses in the transfer process that people are not aware of. More than 90%"
The third fact was that batteries "get shipped to china and third world countries where they can be dismanteled and stripped without any care for the environment or the people doing it."

I think it would be fair to provide non-anecdotal evidence for any of these facts before we move on trying to prove that superman can beat batman.

I think it's fair to say that at face value the electric dragster is a lot less polluting than what you normally see on a drag strip. I think it's also fair to say that at face value the electric dragster is competitive on the drag strip. I realize that you'all are trying to point out that the electric car is not pollution free and that there are inefficiencies in the electric generation/transmission process. I think those are valid points and it's fair to say just that. But the facts used to make those points are exaggerations of reality and actually make the electric car out to be inefficient and polluting. When you stretch the truth that far, even when trying to make a valid point, what you wind up with isn't the truth.

As always, my apologies in advance for any credible non-anecdotal evidence presentable for the claims made. My quick searches didn't find any but I'm all ears if you guys want to help educate the ignorant.