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H&R Sport Springs vs. RD Sport Springs (Comfort)

I just did a broad search, and read every single thread that mentioned either H&R Springs, RD Sport Springs, and Eibach Springs.

I'm definitely dropping my car, and I've decided my fail safe will be the eibach Spring kit.

A lot of people say they cant feel a difference with the H&R springs, some people say its a bumpier ride. I don't mind the ride getting a little stiffer, but I don't want to lose 25% of stock ride quality like I've heard from some community members.

I know the RD Sport springs are lower, but I've also read that they are more comfortable than the H&R spring, I'd like to see if anyone can confirm this.

Lastly, is there anyone in the NY area with H&R springs? Maybe we can meet up and go for a drive.