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Without EDC the retail price (we don't sell at retail as KW has been lax about this and hasn't yet enforced a minimum price point, but that may not last long as they are looking into it in April) is $2695.
With EDC the retail price (see above) is $3095.

Alternatively, there is an EDC delete module for retail $328. Obviously, for a slight difference in price (even less of a difference when you factor in great discounts), the KW V3 EDC gets rid of the errors as a complete solution.

Seems like a no-brainer, unless you're willing to run around with errors

Where in Nor-Cal are ya? We can clear codes for you no problem... HOWEVER... codes are there for a reason. They tell you something is wrong. If you clear them, and the issue is still there, they will just come back, over and over again. We won't clear it over and over again

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