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Here is my answer to those of you that say "PunjabiM3, your wheels were ready, you could have ordered tires and tpms on your own, etc".

1. The wheels were already 4 weeks past due by the time the tire situation with 360 came up.

2. When I contacted 360 in late Jan, early Feb they told me that only a handful of orders that were experiencing delays and that most, including mine, were on time. I have the pm from 360 as evidence for you non-believers.

3. I contacted 360 forged MULTIPLE times via email while on vacation and did not receive a single response. This was already PAST the finish date of the wheels.

4. After coming back from vacation and calling them, I was told the wheels were done and the tires were in stock...that they would have them shipped out by Thursday. (called on a Monday) and they would send me pics of the wheels asap for approval.

5. I did not receive these pics for 5 days and that was after calling them on almost a daily basis. Tires that were in stock were no longer...and they ordered the tires saying they would be there by Tuesday March 24 (4 weeks past due).

6. After calling on Tuesday still no tires. Every time I call a different excuse...and this time they said "oh you need tpms." It's on the freakin invoice.

7. After giving 360 a deadline of 5 weeks past due, they failed to meet it. And even trying to get a refund from this company is a task given all the things I have to do on my end to obtain one.

8. The reason I ordered with 360 in the first place was due to the pricing they offered on the ENTIRE package including wheels, tires, tpms, shipping. Understand this is the reason I went with 360 direct instead of a vendor. I do not want to lug around tires and wheels in my M3 locally to get them mounted and balanced. It is a BIG inconvenience for me given my location circumstances which NONE of you that called me out are aware of.

9. After speaking to numerous vendors of 360 about this situation and their feelings toward 360, it seems that all vendors I spoke to are fed up with dealing with 360 as well. Hence their lack of reponse in these threads because they are not siding with 360.

10. Yes 360 has some very nice designs but any business needs to attend to their customers first and then everything else. It seems they have plenty of time to take photoshoots, post threads on 6speedonline almost every day about some "sick new wheels or sick new car". These efforts should be towards customer service and not marketing. It is customers that make or break any business, and word of mouth is the number one referral for any business. If customers have issues with a business it spreads like the plague and not only will you lose current customers, but future ones as well. Take care of everything at home first 360 and then spend all the time and money you want on photoshoots, buying expensive cars, etc...

11. Need I say more?
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