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Originally Posted by mrtm2008 View Post

As far as the CC ordeal...A business I'm involved in CA was having similar issues with the CC company we used. We changed accounts like 360 Forged has done. The solution that 360 Forged has stated is not to get out of doing it, it's actually so you get the refund back quicker! 360 Forged's hands are tied in trying to get your refund back...your CC company won't have issues getting it back, but 360 Forged is having issues getting it back for you...understand? They've corrected it by getting a new account from here on out.
This should not be the consumer's problem. This is 360 forged's problem. They charged the card, they should refund the money. They should not have changed credit card companies or changed their accounts if there were still pending charges or outstanding balances. This is a poor practice and represents a lack of foresight. The biggest issue is that they seem to hide information...they should have been more upfront with their customers about the process involved in a refund in light of the account changes.

As for the tires...I had a similar situation when my wheels were ready, but with the TPMS. They called to tell me that their supplier didn't have them in & asked me what I wanted to do. I said forget about the TPMS...PunjabiM3, I read your reasoning to cancel the wheels because it was going to be an inconvenience to get tires, etc. BUT, they had your wheels done & YOU chose to cancel the order. 360 Forged was just trying to help you out & it turns out their supplier was out of the size tires you were looking for. That IS NOT 360 Forgeds fault.
Punjabi paid for a set of 360 wheels with tires. That makes it 360's fault/problem when they can't get tires. If they have an issue with their tire supplier, they should find another supplier. The fact that they had the wheels done is completely irrelevant, because the deal was for wheels with tires.

In general, I guess there are two ways to look at it. Some people think that the consumer assumes a certain repsonsibility when making a purchase. Personally, I think that the vendor is completely responsible. A lot of these situations could have been avoided if 360 was more proactive/organized. I am also understanding that companies go through growing pains, but a lack of integrity is a value that will likely never change...