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Originally Posted by BHairsto View Post
Some good points here, but a couple of counterpoints: 1) When people pay thousands of dollars for wheels, they have a right to expect it done the way the seller says it will be done - this is easily resolved by the seller being forthcoming about current delays, supply shortages, etc. instead of taking orders and then employing stall tactics when advertised timelines aren't met - the expectations of 360 were created by their own advertising, not by some delusional fantasies of customers; 2) in the case of PunjabiM3's tires, it is simple enough to find a different supplier to avoid further delays - it may have cost 360 a little extra money, but this is what good, reliable vendors do (can a general contractor escape all blame if its subcontractors fail to perform a job adequately?); 3) if my recollection is correct 360 indicated they would credit PunjabiM3's CC and did not do so - only AFTER that did PunjabiM3 contact 360 and become aware of the option to do a chargeback (sounds like dishonesty and a stall tactic to me); and 4) Your suggestion that HRE and Volk probably had similar issues in their youth is mere speculation.
All very valid remarks! I'm not going to answer for 360 Forged on any of these accounts, I just wanted to bring up points that are overlooked. As for HRE & others, I was just mentioning them because they were used as examples of other wheel manufactures...but based on my business expereince, during most companies "growth spurts" there is a period of similar occurences, especially when demand exceeds anyones expectations.

I want to reiterate for myself that I personally do not dislike HRE, quite the contrary as I have their 540S on my E46 M3...I like both HRE & 360 Forged...
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