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I guess it's a question of what are we talking about? Thermal efficiency or how efficient the plant is operating (as compared to it's theoretical limit)? My bad, and I do apologize for posting misleading numbers. The original point was regarding transfer costs so I should have stuck with that.

I'm sure you can find some batteries that are not properly recycled. I believe the actual problem with pollution from batteries is with batteries purchased and used in third world countries. I think the video was in the US. Many places it's a law lead acid batteries are recycled. Without a good criminal investigation, it's a question of if you think businesses when given half a chance will cheat or if you think most people are mostly honest. US companies make money "recycling" and I don't believe it's legal for them to do so by shipping overseas (even if some do it).

There are some posters that seem intent on pointing out that this car isn't that efficient and/or low polluting or pointing out any perceived deficit with the car or concept. I guess the concern is that American's will go overboard on the "green" stuff in an inefficient manner? Just looking around, I don't get that. The point also seems hypocritical given that this isn't exactly a community built around a low pollution product. Compared to most people (not just us), what this guy is doing is low pollution. Not in an absolute sense, just a relative sense. I'm not saying he's a better person for it. He seems like a nice guy, but maybe he fights dogs and beats his wife (or vice versa). I don't want anyone to think I'm criticizing their life choices (heaven forbid ). I'm not trying to stand on a pedestal, I've got more in common with the people here than battery boy. I'm just saying it's something good. It's like he was morbidly obese and now he's just fat. He might not be Arnold Schwartzenager but it's still better. It's one thing to have a "green" civic, this guy has built something closer to a "green" M3. He probably spent as much as an M3 and maybe it pollutes as much as a regular civic but even so I applaud the results.