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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post
Well said...I have never personally dealt with 360, so I won't pass too much judgment. I do know, however, that what I have read about them on this forum (and several other car forums) is enough to convince me that I will never deal with this company. No refunds? No CC machine? 6 months to get a set of wheels? Delayed orders because tires are unavailable? It is a constant stream of complications and excuses. The owner of 360 has talent in designing wheels, but he is obviously not competent/capable enough to run the organizational and operational side of his company. He should hire help, quickly.
You are completely right! But UNLIKE you, some just skip over what others have written to explain what is going on or distort what they read because they've gotten themselves (those who haven't even ordered from the company) so worked's almost like a mob mentality! You start to hear what you want to hear, even though the facts are being explained to everyone.

As far as the CC ordeal...A business I'm involved in CA was having similar issues with the CC company we used. We changed accounts like 360 Forged has done. The solution that 360 Forged has stated is not to get out of doing it, it's actually so you get the refund back quicker! 360 Forged's hands are tied in trying to get your refund back...your CC company won't have issues getting it back, but 360 Forged is having issues getting it back for you...understand? They've corrected it by getting a new account from here on out.

As for the tires...I had a similar situation when my wheels were ready, but with the TPMS. They called to tell me that their supplier didn't have them in & asked me what I wanted to do. I said forget about the TPMS...PunjabiM3, I read your reasoning to cancel the wheels because it was going to be an inconvenience to get tires, etc. BUT, they had your wheels done & YOU chose to cancel the order. 360 Forged was just trying to help you out & it turns out their supplier was out of the size tires you were looking for. That IS NOT 360 Forgeds fault. As stated deem it's an inconvienence to call your CC to get the refund, but again, read above...360 Forged isn't trying to pass it off to you & tell you "screw you, you try to get your refund from us".

360 Forged came on here & explained what is going on in the other thread & it's been dismissed like they never responded or it's just a pack of lies. The facts are they screwed up on delivery times for the max influx of orders they received during the months of Oct '08-Jan '09. They have had bad customer service during this time because they were expanding their infrastructure too. They had to change CC companies to make things run smoother, though to get your refund you have to get your CC company to get it back and NOW they are getting in line to accomodate their orders on a good time line and working on their customer service and their CC situation is fixed. Like others have IS growing pains and for those who dispute that...

Common Sense People! Not everyone has it...but please try to use it!

Also...when comparing 360 Forged to other companies...How long has, say HRE been in business or Volk or any others that are being compared to 360 Forged...I'd bet money that they probably had similar issues when they were a small company & had their products all of a sudden take off beyond their expectations? the problem for 360 Forged is to put out this fire in a selfish society that wants everything done thier way, NOW!
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