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Hamilton DQ'd from Aussie GP

Lewis Hamilton has been disqualified from the Australian GP. The stewards of the race have made this decision after reviewing all of the evidence available to them, about the incident between Hamilton and Trulli. Both the driver and the team had provided misleading information to the stewards in the post race hearing, when discussing the matter of Trulli overtaking Hamilton.

The FIA Stewards deemed that the McLaren Team and Hamilton "acted in a manner prejudicial to the conduct of the event by providing evidence deliberately misleading to the Stewards".

Here are some of the facts. Immediately following the race, Hamilton gave some interviews to the press. In one of those interviews he said that the team had told him on the radio to let Trulli pass him. An hour later, during the hearing, Hamilton and his team manager were questioned as to whether there was a radio transmission from the McLaren team to Hamilton instructin him to allow Trulli past. Both Hamilton and David Ryan (McLaren Team Manager) insisted that there were no communications like that. Hamiton was adamant that had not allowed Trulli to pass.

The radio exchanges made by the team to Hamilton were listened to by the Stewards. And their conclusion is that twice on the radio, McLaren told Hamilton to allow Trulli to pass. Then an hour later, they went to the FIA and bald-faced lied to them about what Hamilton had done.

Full Decision from the FIA

And that right there is why I have never liked the McLaren team. Bunch of folks with very little integrity. This event and the spy saga of last year, make me loathe that team.

And furthermore, lying to the stewards of the race in your first race as world champion is not what I would expect from a "World Champion". Hamilton is a major loser in my eyes now.