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Originally Posted by BHairsto View Post
To say there are "1 or 2" bad stories in this case is a gross understatement. And I beg to differ that all of these 'high end' companies are good companies. Good companies do not habitually mislead or lie to customers about order status, and 360 is not the only 'high end' wheel company that has been accused of doing this. Our expectations in terms of customer service are way too low. Say what you want about HRE (there are a lot of HRE haters out there, mainly because of feelings about cost/alleged inferior forging process), but to me, they are the definition of a great company in terms of customer service. I would gladly give HRE my money again to forego the possibility of enduring the type of BS that 360 has been accused of committing.

One of the reasons we have forums like this is to enable people to share vendor experiences and help our community avoid bad transactions. However, whenever people start raising apparently valid complaints about a company, many of that company's supporters come out and essentially dismiss others' complaints, as if only positive comments should be considered and we should all expect a fair amount of bad service. As I have said before, if these type of customer service issues are pervasive throughout the high end wheel industry, please point me to similar complaints about HRE, Klassen, Volk, BBS, Kinesis, Forgeline, etc. (we all know that Iforged has had issues in the past, so I won't include them) that span across numerous forms and rise to the same level as those that are now being raised against 360. I'm not being a smartass--I would really like to know, as it would help me put things in perspective and possibly reconsider 360 as an option.

Well said...I have never personally dealt with 360, so I won't pass too much judgment. I do know, however, that what I have read about them on this forum (and several other car forums) is enough to convince me that I will never deal with this company. No refunds? No CC machine? 6 months to get a set of wheels? Delayed orders because tires are unavailable? It is a constant stream of complications and excuses. The owner of 360 has talent in designing wheels, but he is obviously not competent/capable enough to run the organizational and operational side of his company. He should hire help, quickly.