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Originally Posted by erock77 View Post
I've tried posting this question in a few other forums with limited success. Hopefully, I can get better results here:

How can I get my American radio to receive all european radio channels in Germany?

I have an American spec, 2008 335CI Cabrio in Germany with a stock BMW American Radio. As European radio signals use all the frequencies, and not just the odd ones like in the US, I only get a fraction of the radio stations and none of the traffic information while I'm cruising the autobahn here. Does anyone know if there is a chip I can buy/upgrade to that will allow me to receive European radio stations? Or do i need a whole new radio? Thanks for the help/advise.
Talk to E90M3CDFR, he might be able to help with getting all the stations. Still, you should be getting most of them already (at least I did).

As far as traffic info (RTTI) goes, US spec vehicles are currently unable to receive traffic info in Germany. Again, E90M3CDFR has been the biggest proponent to get this changed through BMWNA and BMW AG, but it is not possible at this time.

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