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Originally Posted by leeor View Post
my M made people at the red light cover their ears. its loud, its horrible, its obnoxious, but idk i just abuse my breaks and slam on the all the time, i make the best of it i guess..

anyone still have this problem? im at 4600 miles almost.

called bmw north of america - said "take it in, show a foreman" i know thats a waste of time so whatever

let me know if theres any solutions by the dealer or antyhing please?
When they put new pads on my car I asked about the bed in procedure. The tech (I talked to him directly) said he takes the car out and beds them in properly. If you take it in, have them put on new pads and they should bed them for you.

For some reason I don't think the cars come from the factory with the pads bedded.