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Originally Posted by Splinter4784 View Post
In LA on San Vicente and Bundy theres a 76 that sells 100 octane, im going to try that soon

I heard using 100 octane boosts the power by 20 to 30 whp but im not sure if its accurate
Well, here is my experience with 100 octane gas.
I lived in Japan for a while and frequently used 100 octane from mobile, esso,
shell etc. To be honest I really could not tell the difference when I filled up regular vs 100 octane. Come to think of it, in Japan the regular is around 90 to 93 octane. I am pretty picky about what I use for my car so it's not like I wasn't paying any attention. Especially when a Litre of 100 octane gas costs around $1.50. (that's about $5/gallon) Sometimes you just couldn't justify filling up with 100 octane gas. The difference is minimal. The only major difference I felt is in the engine knocking when running low rpm's in a high gear.