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Originally Posted by bher View Post
Hi Guys,

Read all the posts and I am more confused than before.

Facts: 2008, E92M3, 10,000 miles, 50% track use, since last fast tracks, evident vibration on front (left mainly) while breaking, some blue and irregular lines on front discs, bite is normal or better (?): my conclusion was wrapped discs.
1, reading the posts, could it be irregular pads depot on the discs?

2, Was thinking about moving to ap racing, but it seems they are basic products from the very good company. It seems also that 6 pistons is not better than what I have.

3, Is it reasonnable to think that RS19 and brake fluid will be the best $/efficacy move?


Mine has only done 3000 miles or so on it, 2 track days, and the front discs are already cooked! They vibrate really badly on high speed and heavy braking - got it swapped out 2 weeks ago from BMW under warranty( the 2 fronts dics were warped). Need to find something more reliable.