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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Yes, the parking brake cannot affect the front brakes.

This is what I meant by you are correct. The parking brake has nothing to do with the hydraulic disc brake system. It uses a cable and a separate drum-shoe like system that is built into the rear wheel(s). I am not even sure if is just a single wheel or not. In other words, it is a redundant system.

If you get on your brake pedal to stop the car and sit on the brakes after a session (say you decide to chat with someone on your way before parking and apply the brakes for a few minutes while doing so), then I guess you could warp the rotors since you might be affecting how the rotor cools and contracts. That is what I should have said earlier as opposed to referring to the parking brake. It's still not a good idea to engage your parking brake though.
My bad, sorry. I see that you were (very clearly) talking about the parking brake pads and not the disk brake pads.

Yes, I see where keeping your foot on the brakes after a session could explain warped or deposit damaged front rotors. If you had to hold the car still on a hill with the engine running after/during a session do you think it would be better to use the parking brake or the disk brakes? I believe the front rotors get hotter than the rears so I think you would be smarter to use the parking brake than the disk brakes. Stupid idea?