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Originally Posted by AMJ_77 View Post
The thing you have to remember with electrics running on batteries is where the batteries go after they die, they are a huge source of waste and pollution. The hybrid yaris is more harmful to the environment because of this and the nickel mining process. Hydrogen maybe the only real hope...
In the US, I think citizens are legally bound to recycle lead batteries. I believe that is where they go when the die. The Prius NiMH batteries are recyclable too.

My guess is there will never be any technology that doesn't pollute somewhere in the production, usage or disposal cycle. A Prius emits less air pollution than a Yukon or an M3 (along with a host of other cars). Some nickel mining operations are not environmentally friendly just like some oil production/refineries are not environmentally friendly.

Did Toyota ever make a hybrid Yaris?

The car in the video is cool and doesn't pollute. The day they can build one that I can get 200-250 miles per fill up and I can fill up within 5 minutes and give me the performance and comfort of my M3 is the day I'd jump on that car. Having said that, I'd still miss the sound but that's a trade I would make.