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Originally Posted by jm1234 View Post
no, no, no, I was asking if the parking brake is even connected to the front brake system and if not is it possible for it to do anything to the front rotors, pads or anything there?
Yes, the parking brake cannot affect the front brakes.

Originally Posted by jm1234 View Post
I was also saying that it sort of looks like the parking brake has it's own set of brake shoes and if these do not press the rear pads against the rear rotor then how does it effect the rear brakes? I'm just looking at the diagram posted so I'm trying to understand how the parking brake works on the M3. I don't see where it connects to the rear calipers, which is what I was expecting to see.
This is what I meant by you are correct. The parking brake has nothing to do with the hydraulic disc brake system. It uses a cable and a separate drum-shoe system that is built into the rear wheel(s). I am not even sure if is just a single wheel or not. In other words, it is a redundant system.

If you get on your brake pedal to stop the car and sit on the brakes after a session (say you decide to chat with someone on your way before parking and apply the brakes for a few minutes while doing so), then I guess you could warp the rotors since you might be affecting how the rotor cools and contracts. That is what I should have said earlier as opposed to referring to the parking brake. It's still not a good idea to engage your parking brake though.