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Originally Posted by AckM3 View Post
Ah, another convert. Yeah, I was trying to take pics in between grilling, they look like crap. I cleaned the little lens today.
We need to replace your glass screen as well. Let's see if we can get it replaced in the summer.

Originally Posted by edwin814 View Post
what can i say...m3f is no fun without the drama
M3F is no fun without Bay Area Chit-Chat. It says for off-topic chatter anyways. Some of those mods fails Comprehension 101.

Originally Posted by johnhk79 View Post
blame the dumbsh!t moderators lol
I blame BB.

Originally Posted by endofanera7 View Post
when the bay area chit chat section on m3f was still up, I didnt watch my tv at all for soap opera

Just grab my and *click*click*...

Originally Posted by E90///M3` View Post
yeah i saw that... Marco said something in reply to her & she hasn't said anything back. i think she knows Marco will just squash her

i said one thing & everything went crazy! whatever i said made Brian grow a set & flame her
I just got sick and tired of her BS and her JLevi-like demeanor. She is really cut out to me a lawyer with all her big words and all.

Originally Posted by AckM3 View Post
Yes, 425 posts worth.
I need to catch up...need to PW some more.