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Don't worry too much about getting r-compound tires... a lot of novices worry about it. Work on technique and driving skill first.
Since you are new, I'd make the first pass using the m-dynamic settings for the dsc. It will give you a feel for the thresholds since it does allow for slide before kicking in. Disable it for a few runs since the problem I've found with dsc is that once it engages, it doesn't disengage fast enough once traction returns and slows your times.
For tire pressures, running a bit more pressure than street is normal. A easy check is to get some sidewalk chalk and run a line across the tire. After a run, you'll see how far you roll over onto the sidewall (bad) and want more pressure. If you didn't rub off chalk at all on the side wear of the treads, you have too much pressure. Each run will also heat the air within the tires and add pressure (hint; nitrogen doesn't have as much gain).
Search around on the web for driving techniques for autocross and see if they have a novice school. The driver makes the most difference in times. Walk the course several times. Get rides whenever you can and watch. Also don't get frustrated when a lesser car beats your times.... sometimes folks show up in expensive toys and just can't believe a "lesser" car can be faster--- so they start buying go-fast parts instead of seat time believing that it is the problem.