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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
This is great! Well done and thank you.

Just a couple of notes:

The torque for the guide bolts #6 and #7 is 22 ft-lb front and rear. The front bolts are different lengths, the rears are all the same.

The easiest way to get the front anti-rattle clip out is with a giant pair of water-pump pliers. Cover the jaws with tape to avoid scratching the paint and just stick one jaw through the hole and the other jaw on top of the caliper body. Squeeze gently and the clip just slips out.

BMW recommends an anti-squeal compound (#14 in the diagram) for re-assembly. They say to put a thin (really thin) layer on anywhere there's metal-to-metal contact in the caliper assembly. Bostik Never-Seez is on their recommended list. It works great for stock pads, but RS-19's will squeal regardless of what you do.
Thanks for the additional info JAJ.

Yep, I didn't apply anti-squeal compound because these things will squeal like pigs not matter what.

Actually, I don't apply any to the stock pads either when I put them on, and they don't squeal (after bed-in), but maybe I just got lucky.