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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Considering the extra performance and the ultra grippy tyres that this M6 comes with it is actually no quicker on the track than an R8 v8 with stock rubber, at least it looks special.

I can't see how BMW will ever be able to turn the M6 into a true supercar, it would need to shed a shit load of weight and gain some seriously wide rubber at the rear to give it the kind of traction that it's power is crying out for.

No one is denying it's hellish quick but the world is full of point and squirt machines and BMW should be capable of so much more.

Where are you getting M6 Competition Lap Times?? A delimited M6 will go sub 8 minutes at the ring. This package will actually be good for people who want to track the V10.... R Compounds, EDC / ABS calibrated for R Compounds and active suspension.

The M6 is a GT, not a sportscar.... Hella fast for a GT.

If BMW wanted to build a supercar, is there any doubt they could?? Audi needed to steal from Lambo to build the R8, they even copied the propensity to catch fire.

And BTW, the M6 weighs 3900 pounds which is not much heavier than an M3....
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