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Originally Posted by amurph182 View Post
If they didn't want the bodywork to be working in tandem with the diffuser, then it would have taken 5 minutes to write a line about the diffuser having to be a completely separate element with a divider between it and any other part of the car on the top and sides.
I think the FIA CHOSE not to take those 5 minutes to clarify the rule.

They saw the offending diffusers at the design proposal stage, before the cars were even built & did nothing.

They did this knowing full well that there would be protests once the season began.

Maybe the FIA didn't close the loophole in order to split the FOTA or at the very least weaken it.

After all, the teams themselves helped to create the technical specs under the OWG guise. Max can now say to the teams, "Look guys, you tried to make your own rules. Your rules were too ambiguous, now leave it to the experts (ie. Max & Bernie)"

Having discredited the OWG & the teams in the rule making process, Max can then create his own rules without consultation.

Much like how he has pushed forward Bernie's 'Winner Takes All' system rather than the FOTA revised points system.

1 - Bernie proposes Medal (Winner Takes All) System.
2 - Teams voiced concerns about medal system.
3 - Teams proposed revised points system.
4 - Bernie Says teams 'OK' with Winner Takes All.
5 - Max (a trained barrister don't forget) accepts Bernie's word without bothering to confirm with the FOTA.
6 - 'Winner Takes All' now in place for the 2010 season.

The FIA are also trying to cause a split with the 'capped' & 'uncapped' teams proposal, effectively creating 2 parallel championships inside of F1.

I really hope we get back to racing & away from all this back-stabbing, cloak & dagger, political maneuvering that's taken over F1 recently.