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Who cares, its racing and ppl will always bend the rules...Good for Brawn, Toyota, etc. for doing so because they've had to compete with the big 3 powerhouses who seem to have endless resources. I'm a Hamilton fan, but still you have to be happy for the Brawn drivers who were out of a team at the beginning of the season and are now on top.

Spirit of rules is how I see International Accounting vs. US. Accounting. US Accounting is rule based, so just don't break the rules, play around ALL YOU WANT, just don't break them. (Even Enron's accountants testified they broke NO US GAAP laws) International accounting is principle based; break the principle IE SPIRIT, you broke the law.... So I think whatever it boils down to its this debate at heart. I'm really more for principle based rules because then there's no fucking around with oh but kinda this kinda that; no you violated the spirit MINUS POINTS!