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OE vs. aftermarket

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Anyway when an OEM puts a brake from a company making BBKs on their car as stock you will not get the same brake system you do in when you buy a BBK from the same company. It has been demonstrated by testing and is pretty simple common sense as well. OEMs are so price sensitive. They simply can not put a $6k brake system (even it they could buy it in volume for $2k) on a $30k car. So the brake system might cost the OEM $500, maybe $1k at most. Does it make sense that you can get the design, materials, part quality, pad quality, etc. as a $6000 (retail) system?
Nicely done! While the numbers are a little off, there a whole bunch of truth in that post. Those are better than the OE sliders, but the manufacturers win some marketing points in the showroom by having a "known" brand on the caliper. Of course, now Nissan has moved over to Akebono's and puts the Nissan or Infiniti logo on them.

FYI, the Nissan GT-R uses a very nice set of calipers. These are not anything like the typical OE Brembo setups. However, the rotors don't hold up to track abuse very well, but we've already fixed that!