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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Add coding to the mix, it's not available as of yet. We know the following items have been upgraded in MY09+ models:

iDrive Monitor (MY09 monitor is now HD)
CIC Computer
iDrive controller

HD Radio equipment has changed a bit in the new models, so we can assume the harness is also different. We're going to have a bench system here soon for other testing and are looking to see what can be used for a possible retrofit.
The cable from the new screen to the CIC has been simplified, so it is also different.

HD Radio is built-in into the CIC, so for those cars with the separate HD Radio module I would assume that it will be as simple as unplugging the module and removing it from the Vehicle Order as a separate entry.

I noticed that you have the "Autologic" system... can be possible to use that system and bench-program a CIC for audio options, separate from the car? I ask because another possible way of swapping this unit into a 2008 is programming the CIC itself -no M3 needed- exactly the same audio-wise as the one being replaced.

For example, use Autologic in a CIC and program it for Individual Audio (Logic7 might work as well, as the processing is actually done in the OEM amp; this is to make the CIC to output digital), Sirius, Assist and 6FL. If a CIC unit is programmed like that it should work plug 'n play into my M3, as long as those audio modules are still the same P/N as the ones the CIC "expects" to "see". This is the way is done in Europe with the Autologic with the Business/Profesional OEM HU and Nav swaps.

Let me know what you think...