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Originally Posted by gthirtyfizle View Post
I think thats some really really really good prepping and especially good outcome. Looks great man. Love the rear ones as well. I left mine just white. Looks great. I c these past couple of days the mod bug hit u pretty hard. hahah.
Yep, my body shop is serious! They know how to do things the right way!!

Hahaa, yes its spring let the mods begin...need to spicen things up for the summer!

Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
nice - lets see em with the wheels on.
Coming up this weekend hopefully!

Originally Posted by Fanta View Post
Look very nice? M3 Logo is nice.
Spray paint calipers can it cause any problem? such as seal up?

If there is no problem, I will like to get it done. such least none I could imagine!

Originally Posted by lyjw88 View Post
looks awsome but how the heck are you going to keep those clean?
Clean them as often as I clean my rims (daily)

Originally Posted by Manny212 View Post
i'm really considering this but i'm going for the white/black look and don't know if i should leave them black or not
your call..depends on what color wheels you have...and what color your interior is (especially if you dont have tinted windows)
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