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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
The main issue for me to try a swap of my 2008 iDrive components with 2009's parts is cost. I'm pretty sure that the swap will be almost plug 'n play, as the current CCC iDrive supports 100% the new CIC iDrive controller. But the cost of the parts new (some $3200 including a $1000 of core charges; there are no used parts available yet for a full swap) can be easily used in addition to trade in my 2008 M3 for a 2009 M3 with the new iDrive already installed most probably by the end of his year/early next year if the prices continue to plummet. That cost doesn't include any dealer programming that definitely will be required to integrate all the components into the M3 other audio components.

Unless there is a sudden supply of used CIC iDrive parts for considerably less than $2000 this year, I don't see the fiscal sense -or any sense whatsoever- in swapping components right now. It will be simply better to get a low mileage, left over 2009 M3 by 2010.
wow.. thanks for the info.. another thing to keep in mind i guess.. i didn't think it'd cost that much to swap it out.. i was estimating 200-300.. 1/10 of the price you mentioned. =)