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Originally Posted by SS32 View Post
Why? I've wondered if having them that close together will hurt things.
No having the heads ubstructed is the major issue.

Laser Jammer heads ESPECIALLY LED laser jammer head need a 100% clear view of the road ahead. If they don't have a 100% view of the open road ahead you will get high punchthroughs/speed readings meaning the laser jammer didn't perform as expected. IE meaning you will get a ticket

I too once was stupid and mounted my laser jammer heads obstructed and the jammers did alert when I fired my laser gun(Laser Atlanta) at them BUT they didn't jam at all. So all the jammer was doing was acting as a laser detector which was useless. I then moved my Blinder jammer heads so they had a 100% open view of the road ahead and finally the jammers actually jammed my laser gun. I am lucky to own a police issue laser gun so I could not only see if my jammer was alerting to my gun but if it was jamming as well, and my obstructed heads did NOT jam Lesson to be learned is just cause you jammer is alerting, it might not be jamming

Even when you think your heads have a wide open view and they alert, they may not be jamming. A testing group that I worked with in the past tested the theory of obstructing laser jammer heads on two EVO's, one with jammer heads behind that big mesh grill and the other EVO with the heads on the outside with a 100% unobstructed veiw. It was found out that the EVO with the heads obstructed suffered 600ft with The Stalker LZ1 laser gun and 1000ft + with ProLaser3. Now the Evo with the unobstructed heads was JTG (No laser gun could get a reading on his car. Now the jammer used for this test was the Laser Interceptor which is a much higher performing laser jammer than the Blinder

Here is the link to the results

To the original poster. If you researched thie for 6months you would have stumbled upon the fact that in those test the laser jammer head was 100% unobstructed
Here are some links which have large amount of information on Laser Jammers and Radar detectors. Specifically help you get a perfect mounting location

I was directed to this thread from forum where a user was pointing out what he calls your "crappy" Blinder M25 install