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I realized today that the buzzer isn't working, although I'm not sure why. I didn't know it was supposed to beep when powered up. When it powers up, it beeps to let you know it's in test mode. You can test it with a TV remote. The LED changes colors and it beeps when activated. The first time I tested, the LED changed to red, and my V1 picked up the signal, but I didn't get a beep. So instead of paying $40 for a new LED/buzzer cable, I went to radio shack and paid $2 for a new buzzer and replaced the faulty one.

First test:

The buzzer wires are really small (24ga I think), so you have to be careful stripping them. I soldered them to the new buzzer, wrapped them in some heat shrink, and tied everything up with electrical tape.

Everything works as it should now
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