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i was referred to here from another forum. i'm sorry to say, but having your jammer heads placed behind the kidney grilles will render them nearly useless. your slats on the grills are an obstruction from both the detection and jamming of laser. they should be placed in an area that is unobstructed. for the money spent, you really should install them properly. please no offense, but this is similar to the likes of cobra detector users running around with them pointed at the sky thinking they will do just fine. you may be able to get away with placing the heads vertical in between the slats, or you should place them in the front mouth. also, please keep in mind that the officer may in fact have gotten punchthrough and obtained a speed reading.. just that he didn't pull you over because your speedometer is calibrated from the factory to show a higher speed reading than actual, sometimes as high as 10% over.

also, depending on the combination of what laser gun and laser jammer is being used, the officer will either see no speed reading "----" or will see an error code "E14" or some other, but not necessarily a jam code. laser atlanta, stalker, and lti have jam detection, but may or may not indicate a jam code depending on the equipment combination.

see my cardomain for an example
if you stop by illinois anytime, shoot me a PM and we can test it. i have a laser atlanta speedlaser s.