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Originally Posted by gthirtyfizle View Post
I am running those same tire sizes. I didnt notice it on my eralier post. I can almost guarantee u that the front rubbing will not go away. U might get rid of the rear rubbing with either running some serious negative camber or mayb raising it a bit, but not the front. With those offsets and tire sizes the only way u might b able to get rid of the rubbing is by raising the car, but who would do that now lol.
I have to disagree.
FYI, this set up has been done already.
We would NEVER recommend such a set up if the wheel will have major rubbing issue.

Rear rubbing issue can be solve with just stock camber adjustment knob.
It is NOT even near "serious" negative camber, just little more camber than stock config.

For fronts...
Because we knew stock front suspension wont allow enough camber to clear the fronts, this is why we recommended KW ClubSports to give extra camber to go with this wheel.
We do NOT sell this wheel to those who will be lowering the car with just springs or basic coilover due to rubbing issue.
The above pictures are NOT even at max neg camber YET, there are PLENTLY room for adjustment.
And even at current setup, Sard says it does NOT rub as he stated on first thread.

The rubbing with fender liner while turning is different issue.