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Originally Posted by volinder View Post

Very surprised about the rubbing. Your running an aggressive offset, but other are running even more aggressive with no rubbing. I wonder if it has anything to do with the KW's. Is it rubbing on the fender or the suspenpension??

My new wheels are 20x11.5 and running a 325 on the rear with no rubbing.
U can run an even bigger tire and not have rubbing as long as the offsets are not aggressive, but doesnt look nearly as good as how very aggressive offsets look. I have 360 Forged wheels, and when i bought them I told them I wanted the most aggressive offsets I could get and so they did. When I put them on I felt like I could run small spacers cause there was some room to play with, but guess what? That wasnt so. 360 basically maxed it out. I tried a 5mm spacer in the back and was rubbing on the fender part closest to the skirt and 10mm up front was rubbing on the wheel liner. I felt that even by running more negative camber in the rear I would have rubbing on the corners and the front, well, I dont think camber adjustments will fix that rubbing. Op, all u can try to do is run a thinner tire for the front. Does look very mean tho and PERFECT lol.

U just have to decide tho wether ur fine with paying a shit load of money on custom wheels and b cool with them rubbing. I wasnt, therefore took the spacers off.