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Originally Posted by nkweisberg View Post
AAC 256k works
WMV uncompressed works
AIFF does not work
Apple Lossless does not work

I could not tell any difference in the quality of Apple lossless played off of my iPOD vs WMV uncompressed off a USB flash drive. Changing songs was faster on the USB flash drive but that may just be a function of the flash drive being much smaller in memory and only having a few songs on it.

Guess I'm sticking with the iPOD as I cannot hear a quality benefit to the usb flash drive.

If Pencil Geek reads this I'd be curious what you plug into your USB port (iPOD vs flash drive) and what format of files you prefer.
08 or 09 vehicle?

I listen to lossless WMV and AAC on my flash drive all the time in my 09. I assure you it works.