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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I think it's being going on for about about half a year, but I have no idea about how much time he has spent on it himself.
I had not thought about that, but it's another point in favor of HPDE insurance. Should you have to go to court you will need to be able to cover (or borrow to cover) your damages until you win your case. The courts move at their own pace. You will get interest though for the time without your money.

Seriously, I would like to know how your friends case turns out.

I found this insurer. From what I read the rates are 3% of the value of the car with a 2% deductible. I think that's an annual rate. That's more than Lockton unless you do 4-5 events/year.

This thread has some interesting information from Ryan Staub (of Lockton-...)

As an aside, in this thread Ryan mentions he had his car covered in a track accident by his primary insurer. He doesn't mention a lawsuit but there could have been one. He was still reading policies from the same insurer so I imagine he wasn't dropped.

Here's another thread I found on this topic:

Another insurer (lower premiums than Lockton):

This is the thread that mentions On Track Insurance

From these threads it's clear that if you are relying on your regular policy that you need to keep reading your policy because they are changing the wording.

Good luck everyone and thanks to the OP. I'm glad I put this much thought into this even if I'm not changing anything.