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Originally Posted by ColoCane View Post
Thanks Signes -

I should have known that there would be a thread on even this too! I appreciate the shopping list as well.

Only because I know at some point I'm going to break down and do it, because I travel a lot and at times just don't have time for a hand wash, is there a particular place you trust as a full-service car wash?

Do you have a favorite detailer or do you always do it yourself?

Looking forward to the Spring rides.
Finish Line on Colorado does a good hand wash but it's not cheap. (Got a friend with a 430 he occasionally takes there.) They also do okay machine washes and full detailing. Haven't used them for the latter but seems to be okay. I normally do my own but really time challenged these days so may have to do some searching for a good independent guy. Waterway also on Colo does a decent job, just be careful they look after your wheels.