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1) For 12 years we pushed Iraq on??? and then finaly went in and??? found what??? that was the threat to us??? For 40 years we do the same to Cuba for what??? We tried the same to Russia, succeded somehow, but they are too big. We were late for the games with China...
For 12 years we pushed Iraq to fulfill its obligations under the ceasefire agreement it made after its forces were removed from Kuwait. You continually attempt to separate the 2003 military action from the 1991 action but they are intrinsically connected. Just as you cannot understand the Second World War without an appreciation for the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles, you cannot remove the 2003 invasion of Iraq from the context of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

2) The president CLEARLY stated that the MAIN reason for going over there was the WMD, the end. Yes, there may have been the other things, but the main was the WMD. Now, he's telling us that it is not his problem he had the wrong intel. Is that it??? We all buy that crap??? I don't.
Again, the President was NOT the only one making the case that Saddam had stockpiles of chemical weapons and a bio-weapons program. President Clinton believed it in 1998 (as well as in 2003) when he launched airstrikes on Iraq. The UN Security Council believed it when it unanimously passed UNSCR 1441. I asked you previously to present a single credible person or organization that was saying prior to the invasion that Iraq did not have chem or bio weapons, do you have one?

As for your 9-11 nonsense, all those claims were completely debunked by numerous experts. That leader of the vast, right wing conspiracy, Popular Mechanics has all the facts here.

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