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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
I'm concerned about timed solo events, like autocross. I prefer autocross to track days partly because it's so easy on the cars, with very little strain to the drive train and brakes vs. either drag racing or track days. The problem is that they are timed and there's a clear winner in each class.

BMWCCA's track insurance does not cover autocross events, but I'm not too worried about body damage due to the low speed nature of autocross and the fact that there's no passing and the cars don't get close to each other or anything that would likely damage them, other than a possible pylon smear.

Do dealers exclude warranty coverage for autocrossers simply because they participate in timed events? That would seem strange to me to not cover autocrossed cars but allow tracked cars. Tracking, IME, is much harder on brakes, transmission and engine because you spend much more time at speed and the braking is much harder and longer than in autocross.

I'm going to VIR in May, but I'll drive BMW's cars.

A potential issue with timed autocross events is that the results are often published. However, the only thing that is published is the name of the driver and the type of car, and not a VIN. So, how would a dealer be able to prove that your car was in an autocross unless they can get your VIN from the event organizer? Plus, why would BMW even bother given autocross events are not all that hard on your M? If BMW starts going after people who enjoy their Ms in a responsible manner at an autocross, I would never buy a BMW again. I doubt they will do such a thing though.