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Originally Posted by urbo73 View Post
So you have 3 sets - winter, 19" summer, and track! But easy with the PSCs in summer rain! Fun, but can slip easy. Or you planning to get 19" PS2s for that then? That would make more sense.
I just take it realy easy in the rain with the PSCs. No high speed driving. They will be gone in a few months. Then, I will get some cheaper street tires. I can't justify the PS2 cost for street driving. I don't push the car that hard on public roads, so it won't matter.

Originally Posted by urbo73 View Post
I know the PS2s will get gooey, but I want to literally destroy them and see what time I can set in the car 100% stock at NHMS. I need to find a day with the PCA group where we will only be 4-5 cars on track and we'll be able to have our own fun. White group is typically not very many cars, so it's should be OK. Then after that time, I'll be done tracking it. I'm really just curious as what I can do with it.
If you run in Group A with BMW CCA at NHMS, you should be able to put in a few flying laps without getting interrupted. With your experience, I would expect you to be around 1:20 or better? I think my best lap with the stock setup was 1:23. I run in group B.