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Originally Posted by ganeil

So to answer your questions:
We were not rushed into war by any means, 12 years is a long time.

No, the President did not lie about anything to get us into this war.

President Clinton was not impeached for screwing with the intern, he was impeached for lying under oath to a federal judge and having others lie for him.

No, the President did not use 9-11 for any selfish ends.

No, we did not create 9-11 and if you really believe that, you are off your rocker and should seek medical help.

Good deal, I like's more:

1) For 12 years we pushed Iraq on??? and then finaly went in and??? found what??? that was the threat to us??? For 40 years we do the same to Cuba for what??? We tried the same to Russia, succeded somehow, but they are too big. We were late for the games with China...

2) The president CLEARLY stated that the MAIN reason for going over there was the WMD, the end. Yes, there may have been the other things, but the main was the WMD. Now, he's telling us that it is not his problem he had the wrong intel. Is that it??? We all buy that crap??? I don't.

3) The 9-11. As I pointed out before, I do not believe the conspiracy theories much and try to avoid reading/watching them. However, here are a few somple q's for you that triggered my conspiracy concerns over the weekend:
i) The first photo of pentagon "hole" when the 757 hit it shows 16 ft. diameter hole, but the 757 is more than 120 feet wide and 40 ft tall? No skid marks on the ground. I did take numerous Physics classes and that does not add up
ii) THe WTC -- simplest one -- the melting point of any steel is higher than the burning temp of kerosine. SImple as that. The steel in the WTC was special kind with the melting temp increased by almost 200C. Now, the science cannot add up here that the steel melted and crashed the building.
iii) Back to Pentagon -- the burned bodies were taken out of the buildings above mentioned hole right after they put out the fire, but no piece of titanium components were ever found from the 757?
iv) WTC planes black boxes of course never were found, but the passport of a "highjacker" was found in the rubbles...

And so on. Again, not that I am alluding anything, but some science should be involved in all this, not just the video clips and pictures. You accept what you see and hear, I like to question it all. You accept that the Serbs killed this many Bosnians and Albanians and..., I was there and have seen some of it. And that is why I question it.
You see on the TV that the N Korean dwarf is a bad boy and..., I say he just does not want to end up like Hussein. He did not learn that 12 years of isolation would do nothing for you, he learned that if you show your teeth to the USA, they will back off...