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So, what happened with the N Korea in your mind? They claimed having the WMD, they showe they do have it now, they kicked out the inspectors, they openly clame to hate us, they are a Communist (oppressive Gov't), their people suffer, they are DEFINITELY threat to us and our allies, and I can go on and on. How come Bush chose Iraq over them? Is it too late now? Do we just sit and wait (I mean sanctions will never work since they directly border with Russia/China)? Do you still think that Iraq was more important and bigger threat than the N Korea? What is the wait with Iran? We want them to test the nuke next month?

What I'm trying to say is that it seems logical to me that Iraq would have been at least third on my list of threats, yet, we're there now with no way out. Did Bush rush into this war? Did he lie to us to drag us into this war? Is Clintons screwing with the Intern really more grounds for impeachment than this??? Did Bush selfishly use the 9-11 stuff to do all this? Did we creat the 9-11 to allow us to do all this...
Why the President decided to act in Iraq and not in either Iran or North Korea is a very good question. I do not have any unique insight into the policy machinations inside the White House but if I had to guess... I would say that there were two related reasons why Iraq was the first target among the Axis of Evil. First, and this is ironic given what the President's critics have accused him of, he believed we needed some sort of "international consensus" to act and with Iraq he already had 12 years worth of UN resolutions condemning the Iraqi regime, imposing very harsh sanctions, and yes, an authorization to use force. Nothing approaching that history of international action existed (exists) concerning Iran or North Korea.

The second reason is is related to the first in that if we were to attain any level of internation sanction for acting against Iran or North Korea, we would have to allow the "international community" the opportunity to deal with these threats first. The President committed us to the Six Party talks for Korea and has followed the EU lead with Iran. (I would argue that both of these multilateral approaches have failed and that they were destined to but no one from the White House called to ask me.) Of course it is unlikely that either Iran or North Korea would have been too concerned with offending the "international community" if that community had allowed Iraq to thumb its nose at it for 12+ years with no repercussions.

So to answer your questions:
We were not rushed into war by any means, 12 years is a long time.

No, the President did not lie about anything to get us into this war.

President Clinton was not impeached for screwing with the intern, he was impeached for lying under oath to a federal judge and having others lie for him.

No, the President did not use 9-11 for any selfish ends.

No, we did not create 9-11 and if you really believe that, you are off your rocker and should seek medical help.

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