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Originally Posted by ganeil
First point, I do not give the government any money. The government takes it.

Point number two, the federal government currently spends about $265B a year on Medicare and that basically covers those over the age of 65. Do you mean to tell me that to cover the other 80%+ of us it would only cost us 10% more? You are delusional. Instead of the gov't taking 10% more of your income, why don't you just save it, invest it, and let it grow into something that you or your children can use as you see fit, rather than allowing a faceless bureaucrat to decide for you.

Now let me tell you about my experience with government provided medical care. I am a disabled veteran. My disability is the direct result of a medical procedure done in the old, cost effective manner. Then as part of my treatment, I was temporarily paralyzed from the neck down and close to death because the doctor did not have the equipment that civilian doctors had had for at least 5 years and he "missed" as he was sticking the needle into my spine. Thankfully, when I got out of the service, my wife had insurance that covered having a civilian doctor mitigate the damage with 21st century medical technology. Government run medicine... you can keep it. It is beyond me why you would want your medicine provided by the same folks who run the DMV.
First, sorry to hear about your experience!
Next, just by saying disabled Military Vet, you put yourself in a completely different bucket from the rest of us.

Yes, I am taking extra on the side for my kids, I purchased them those 529 College plans, etc...

Anyway, looks like we're toning this down a little bit

So, what happened with the N Korea in your mind? They claimed having the WMD, they showe they do have it now, they kicked out the inspectors, they openly clame to hate us, they are a Communist (oppressive Gov't), their people suffer, they are DEFINITELY threat to us and our allies, and I can go on and on. How come Bush chose Iraq over them? Is it too late now? Do we just sit and wait (I mean sanctions will never work since they directly border with Russia/China)? Do you still think that Iraq was more important and bigger threat than the N Korea? What is the wait with Iran? We want them to test the nuke next month?

What I'm trying to say is that it seems logical to me that Iraq would have been at least third on my list of threats, yet, we're there now with no way out. Did Bush rush into this war? Did he lie to us to drag us into this war? Is Clintons screwing with the Intern really more grounds for impeachment than this??? Did Bush selfishly use the 9-11 stuff to do all this? Did we creat the 9-11 to allow us to do all this...

These are all questions that bother me... I don't care about some senator hitting on little boys... THat should not sink the shp. However, the Rowe events, Abramov events that we don't hear about any more... are very troublesome! I like to hear the other side thinking...