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As one of you pointed out -- no, there is no free healthcare anywhere in the world. However, the money that you give to the Gov't is invested in you -- roads, Medical, schools... The money you give to our Gov't goes into the war. Would I refuse paying taxes if I could -- OF COURSE because the truth is slowly coming out. Would I want to pay extra 10% if I knew my kids are going to have "free" education and healthcare -- IN A HEARTBEAT!

Finally, I lived in this country for 15 years and paid the taxes from the day I moved in. I was unemployed for 3 months, and received $600 check monthly to support two kids (1 & 4) and a non-working wife. I pay about $10k just in federal taxes every year and about the same amout in so-called Medicare stuff. All I got back when I needed is $600/month, and that was taxed (that is the MAX anyone can get). What a SHAME of a SYSTEM!!! Plus, they sent me this great offer for Cobra that would be affordable $1400/month for my family?!@#$$ Yet, I see that scum spending billions every day to fight some rats in the country he can't even pronounce its name!

I'm out of this one, I give you what I saw from my experience you preach what you read somewhere... Enjoy it...
First point, I do not give the government any money. The government takes it.

Point number two, the federal government currently spends about $265B a year on Medicare and that basically covers those over the age of 65. Do you mean to tell me that to cover the other 80%+ of us it would only cost us 10% more? You are delusional. Instead of the gov't taking 10% more of your income, why don't you just save it, invest it, and let it grow into something that you or your children can use as you see fit, rather than allowing a faceless bureaucrat to decide for you.

Now let me tell you about my experience with government provided medical care. I am a disabled veteran. My disability is the direct result of a medical procedure done in the old, cost effective manner. Then as part of my treatment, I was temporarily paralyzed from the neck down and close to death because the doctor did not have the equipment that civilian doctors had had for at least 5 years and he "missed" as he was sticking the needle into my spine. Thankfully, when I got out of the service, my wife had insurance that covered having a civilian doctor mitigate the damage with 21st century medical technology. Government run medicine... you can keep it. It is beyond me why you would want your medicine provided by the same folks who run the DMV.

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