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Track suspension tuning thread

I took my M3 out to my local track this weekend, Harris Hill Road. It's a tight track, 1.7 miles with three 2nd gear corners, two of them track-out slightly uphill which makes the car more prone to understeer. Car had half-worn NT-01s and nothing else, DCT on and off. Here's what i found, experienced advice is welcome:

1. slight understeer in faster corners, but not bad
2. moderate understeer in slower corners, had to be patient to get back on the throttle
3. the car doesn't want to throttle steer, rear end stays solidly planted with front end pushing, even with DCT off.
4. car rotates nicely with throttle lift or trail braking.
5. stock suspension is really pretty good at the track, stock springs are soft so maybe stiffer sway bars are a good option.

I can drive around the push but wondering what can be done about alignment shop says they can't get much additional negative camber in front.

Does anyone make camber plates, or perhaps a adjustable stiffer rear sway bar yet? Anyone tried different toe settings?

Has anyone performed a roll center study of the M3 and the effects of lowering the car?

I'm also curious about what the M-differential is really doing, is the electronic control still engaged with DCT off?