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Originally Posted by foosh View Post
A little more than 10 years ago, a V8 in a BMW was considered blasphemy. They've done V12s, 10's, 8's. It seems a little silly to me to consider a V6-based solution tantamount to BMW-heresy. I'm old enough to remember when BMW executives said, "we don't do FI cars because there are better solutions allowing us to stay NA."

The point is in this "new world" where it appears that energy efficiency and conservation agendas will drive most engineering designs until, or if, the next miracle energy breakthrough occurs, everything must be on the table.
Audi has come back to a turbo 5 for the just revealed TTrs (last turbo 5 was in the mid-90s). 340 hp & 330 lb. ft. out of only 2.5 liters. That formula applied to a straight or V-6 would yield over 400 hp and around 400 lb ft; combined with lighter wieght it could be a great performer.

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