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Originally Posted by tallycoolies View Post
It might be a little off the topic but i just got done 15k miles service and they didn't say anything about the mods that I have, including the stickers lol. Also stupid enough, kinda asked the SA about tracking the car but he said as long as u pay for the brakes and stay off FI tuning, I'm good to go. I guess it all depends on the dealers in some point, strongly in my personal opinion.
The thing, as is in the insurance case, what the SA says can end up being meaningless unless you get it in writing. I also speak with my SA and ask for his opinion, but I wouldn't count on that to mean much if I blow an engine and they find that my ECU was remapped or something. My SA actually specifically asked me to leave the drivetrain alone if I want to count on the warranty, which is what I plan to do (I am not considering a muffler swap to be a drivetrain mod).