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Originally Posted by gobuffs View Post
What the insurance agent tells womebody won't help. What is covered and not covered is in the insurance policy. You need to read the exclusions and then pay attention to the exclusions each time you get a renewal notice. The new wording that insurance companies are going to say something to the effect of "we won't cover incidents at surfaces designed for racing" or at facilities designed for racing (if it says that they could even deny a claim for a parking lot fender bender at an event you were a paying spectator).

If your friend lives in Mass there is no gray area, DEs are not covered.
Nope, my friend does not live in Mass. And as I've said, there were no HPDE specific exclusions in his policy (according to what he told me), but I'll ask him. There was an exclusion for driving on a race course though (it also said the exclusion only applied if he was racing or competing on the course), but that's the point. Folks would like to think that HPDEs are not racing or competitive driving, but in his case, the insurance company did not agree. I had that exact same discussion with my previous insurance company. I kept on telling them that HPDEs are not racing or competitive events and that I could point them to the BMW CCA website saying exactly that. They kept on telling me, as far as they are concerned, they are. (To the extent that they dropped a note on my record saying I race my car; every time I called to check on some other thing, the person would pull up my record and say "is this the car you race sometimes?". That was BS, so I stopped buying insurance from them as I was concerrned they would try to use that misinformation to deny a regular claim). You can let a judge decide if HPDEs are racing/competitive events, but is that worth it?