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Originally Posted by ismelllikepoop View Post
i dunno why everyone is flipping out when the inline 6 was already replaced with a v8. this purist crap seems just like snobbery without actually knowing the difference.
That's not it at all actually. Believe it or not, there are people out there that do not perhaps own a BMW, who view BMW in the same light as say the Tifosi view Ferrari. It's not a case of snobbery, at least not with me individually. It's traditionalism perhaps and most likely as footie mentioned, a fear of change.

I'm a huge BMW fan, but of late I've seen them go slightly nuts with the styling. This was OK as their engineering was as always brilliant.

Now that they are starting to think of tinkering with what is in my eyes a close-to-perfection engineering recipe, I start getting a bit fidgety. OK, maybe very fidgety.

If it comes across as "crap" to you I apologize, it's not my intention to stir up problems or offend anyone.

I'll probably always like BMW, it's just that I do not want to see them turn their backs completely on what I think is their very soul.
Here's my problem with BMW: They're making cars of questionable beauty (not all of them it must be said), they turn down hotted-up versions of their traditional M cars to instead offer of all things M-tinkered SUVs, they have no intention of making an M Z4 (though I seem to recall that's exactly what they said of the previous one), they are supposedly going to jump on the retro-styling bandwagon, and now they're hinting at replacing a truly remarkable engine...

It's all just getting a bit much for this BMW fan to stomach!

But again, I'm just rambling for the sake of getting it off my chest. Que sera sera I guess :/