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Originally Posted by oneginee View Post
You are trying to evade your initial statement:
Whatever, read it as you like. I stand by my statement in its entirety. My claim was DI+turbos+other BMW M developement will do the trick.

Originally Posted by oneginee View Post
BTW fast downshifting with DCT only avoids loosing boost pressure by keeping revs high which is not really a solution to the turbo lag problem at all rpms.
It all help to work together as a system each piece contributing. Not sure why I need to clarify every single obvious point I've made.

Originally Posted by oneginee View Post
Thanks for giving your source on the claim of 2-3x the rpm for the turbo with DI engine. Prof Arcoumanis is certainly an authoritative figure in the field of internal combustion engines. Since I do not have his book I would ask that you elaborate on this.
Book is available on line in its entirety. Knock yourself out. The reference was not to theory or to a lab engine but about existing capability.