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What about heating problems for an M turbo.

Go drive youre 135i or 335i on track you will see the temps go thru the roof.

Limpmode anyone?

Or the next one.

An M is perfect to balance on throttle thru corners try that with a 135i or 335i. with a tuned one it s even worse.

And try do nice slide balanced on throttle with a turbo. Goodluck for that. You proberly end up in the hedges.

The best racing engines are always the non turbo ones. For the straights the turbo s are the fastest. But for nice cornering balancing on the grip with youre throttle is gone with turbo s. It s either to much or to less.

I say stick with non turbo. I don t see it happen that a turbo engine has the throttle response of qn M engine we have today.